How to Use Music Playlists to Unlock Your Full Potential

Get in Peak State and Establish Routines to Optimize your Health and Mindset with Music Playlists You Can Call on at Anytime Using Google Home and Spotify.
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About This Product:

Learn how to set up playlists to change your state and/or put you in the right mindset simply by calling the playlist by name at home or in your car. 

Establish routines and successful habits triggered by alarms that start playlists on Google Home or on your phone with songs that reinforce ideas commonly found in personal development books, videos, and seminars. 

Discover were to find public playlists on Spotify to help you: 

  • Stop procrastinating 
  • Build self confidence 
  • Visualize your goals 
  • Overcome fear 
  • Establish an exercise routine 
  • Keep going when you feel like giving up 
  • Build faith in yourself and your ideas. 
  • Re-live a seminar or event you may have attended 


Program Details

Changes in Technology that Allow Music to be Used for More than Entertainment.
Ways Music Playlists Can be Used to Unlock Your Full Potential
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Setting up the Perfect Playlists to Instill the Ideal State of Mind
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Making the Playlists Accessible in on Your Phone, in Your Car, and on Google Home
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Using Playlists As Part of a Morning Routine to Set You up for a Sensational Day.
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Creating the Playlists to Assist in Personal Transformation
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Disclosure: This course will provide detailed instructions on how to set up and use playlists with Google Home and android auto but you may need additional help in setting up Google Home or making playlists. Impact of using playlists to manage emotions are unique to the individual listener.